Free US Shipping 30-day Returns - 1 Year Warranty
Free US Shipping 30-day Returns - 1 Year Warranty
Fully Loaded O-Droid XU4 - Emulation Console Retro Gaming System- Thousands of Games - Retro Gaming Haven

Fully Loaded O-Droid XU4 - Retro Gaming Emulation Console - Thousands of Games

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Odroid XU4 Emulation Console
Game System 256 GB - Fully Loaded


Feast your eyes on the Odroid XU4 - One power house of a gaming console. It's the ultimate solution to preserving your original games. Why put wear and tear on your retro consoles, when you can enjoy the same games on here?

This is the most powerful Odroid XU4 System Emulation Console you will find! It comes with a fully loaded 256GB Micro SD card. Simply plug this console in, and you're gaming in seconds.

Our own custom-made software features overlays and menus that are simple to use contain box art and game descriptions where available! The front LCD screen will show you the logo of the system you are currently playing.

Just plug the device into the HDTV and It's ready to go!

PLEASE NOTE: No copyrighted material is included as part of the SALE of this item. Price is for HARDWARE ONLY. All included software is freely available on the internet and is included at NO CHARGE (no software or ROMs are installed until the customer turns on the device).


Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System Benefits:

  • The Fastest 100 MB/s 256GB SD Card - No Worries For Additional Space!
  • Ventilated Mini-N64 Case + Cooling Fan & LCD screen - No Need To Worry About Overheating During Those Intense Gaming Sessions!
  • Custom Made Software - Beautiful Overlays & Menus That Are Easy To Use!
  • Two Pre-configured Controllers - Plug and Play!
  • Front LCD screen - Showing The Logo Of The System You Are Playing.
  • PEACE OF MIND! - All Our Systems Come Ready To Go!
  • 30 Day Returns - 1 Year Warranty

System Information:

  • N64 Case With Cooling Fans
  • 2 x GameSir Controllers (Wired)
  • High-quality 5V 6AMP US power lead


Please check our full raspberry pi collection HERE:


Please note: 3DO, Jaguar and Saturn emulation is fairly new and early in development and although there are lots of titles that work great, it is expected that some may not load, or suffer performance issues. This should improve with updates over time, as will Dreamcast and PSP. 

Systems Included & Game Count:

Naomi 117
Atomiswave 40
Playstation 37
Psp 25
Psp minis 250
Sega Naomi Arcade 57
Sega Saturn 55
Sega dreamcast 48
Sega Cd 49
Sega 32x 33
Sega Genesis 514
Sega sg1000 68
Sega Master system 344
Sega mega drive japan 179
Sega game gear 49
3do 26
Arcade Classics 2187
Daphne 13
Atari 2600 650
Atari 5200 81
Atari 7800 58
Atari lynx 52
Atari 8 bit 335
ColecoVision 116
Intellivision 121
N-64 189
SNE-S 567
Super Fam com 363
Fam com 386
Fam com disk system 87
NES 730
Ds 111
Advance 194
Gboy 167
GBoy color 377
VBoy 24
Game Watch 54
NeoGeo 136
Pc engine cdrom 10
Pc Engine 193
Pc ports 17
SuperGraphx 5
TurboGraphx 16 92
Amstrad cpc 211
Amiga 1591
Commodore 64 1572
Sincair zx spectrum 1113
infocom 3
MSX 439
MSX2 83
Sharp x6800 387
ScummVM 53
sharp x1 17
Wonderswan Color 10
Odyssey2 52
Vectrex 23

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